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Isaac Boilers Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of cost-effective package boiler services & systems. We manufacture boilers as per IBR Code, BS2790 Standards and as per ASME Section VIII Div I Standards. As a policy, we maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability in our products. Customer satisfaction is our main motto and we continuously work towards the improvement of business performance. All functions of the company are committed to satisfy all customer regulatory and legal requirements and to maintain quality standards are per ISO 9001. 2008. Quality management and quality assurance standards. We have established a system to improve key business performance criteria that are monitored against targets for their effectiveness. All employers are directly responsible for the implementation of procedures with their areas and the achievement of the standards specified at all stages of the procedure performed by them.

We manufacture oil and gas-fired steam boilers from 100 kg/hr to 18,000 kg/hr at pressure up to 20bar and hot water boilers from 250 KW to 10,000 KW. Waste heat recovery boilers from 500 kg/hr to 18,000 kg/hr using waste heat gases from generators and Wood fired boilers and rice husk fired boilers with capacity from 500 kg/hr to 18,000 kg/hr. Our boilers are of robust construction and constructed for long life. We supply the boilers as a total package incorporating combustion equipment, feed water pump, and controls, control panels, all necessary valves, and fittings. Our typical customers include hotels, hospitals, dairy plants and food industries etc.

In addition to the boiler and standard options we can also offer a complete range of boiler associated equipment like pipe work services, pressure vessels, water treatment plants, chimney, flue gas duct work system, controls and instrumentation & electrical services. All services are supported by our project management team and site supervision expertise including all planning, scheduling to meet contractual delivery, testing, commissioning and handing over.

We have extensive parts in stock for boilers related equipment supplied by us. We directly source from original equipment manufacturers and for items that we don’t have in stock we get it arranged from the international market quickly.

Training is important for the reliable and efficient operation of your boilers. Correct operation and regular routine maintenance is the best way to ensure the boiler plant is using safety at a minimum cost.

This can be achieved by developing skills and awareness or your boiler operators. Isaac boilers offer training courses at our factory. We have a fully operated boiler house in the factory where an operational boiler is fitted with all associated equipment like feed water tank, blowdown vessel, water softening system. In our boiler house, we also have the steam to water calorifier where live steam is used to heat the water in the calorifier. Practically operators can get trained with our latest water level controls, burners, and pressure controllers. Operators are taught how to operate and maintain the boiler.