Water Bath Heater

//Water Bath Heater

Capacity – 500 KW to 10 MW

Pressure Vessel designed as per ASME Section VIII Div I Standards

Horizontal configuration , Single or twin furnace as per requirements , Single or twin stack,Fully automatic Control panel

 Single or twin stack, Fully automatic Control panel

Skid-mounted, fully wired and assembled ,Forced draught burners as per customer request ,Mono block pressure jet burners

Forced draught burners as per customer request ,Mono block pressure jet burners


Fuel – Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil,Removable type Tube bundles and Removable type furnace,Tube bundle as per ASME B31.3

Platform and ladder to access Expansion Tank,Expansion tank placed on top of the heater,Designs available for hazardous areas Class I, Div I or II

Can be operated where electrical power is not available,Pressure parts are hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the working pressure

Insulated with 50 mm thick mineral wool insulation,Aluminum cladding or cladding with painted GT Sheets

Bath fluid

  • Water 
  • Glycol + Water
  • Dia thermic oil 
  • Molten Salt

Temperature range – 80°C to 400°C

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Applications of Water Bath Heater:-

  • Heating fuel gas
  • Heating crude oil at offshore Platforms and Refineries
  • Heating oil to reduce viscosity
  • Heating high-pressure natural gas prior to pressure reduction to avoid the formation of water hydrates.
  • Heating natural gas in gathering lines.


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