Boiler Hire

/Boiler Hire

We have boilers for hire for the short term or long term. Boilers are hired due to many reasons like sudden breakdown, temporary extra capacity requirements, periodic annual maintenance, etc. Our hire boiler has been developed in an efficient way so that we can mobilize the boiler immediately to the site, to ensure valuable production is maintained with minimum disruption.

Steam boiler from 500 kg/hr to 10,000 kg/hr

Entire boiler manufactured in our factory

All boilers are oil fired. Gas fired boilers can also be supplied at request

Mobile trailerised boiler unit is easy to mobilize and transported quickly

Every hire steam boiler unit is fitted with a burner, feed tank, blowdown vessel, fuel tank, water softening equipment, control panel, flexible hoses for connection to steam

Boilers for Hire

Quick response to all calls

Complete site mobilization, operation and maintenance by our service team

Hot water boilers from 250 KW to 5000 KW

Fully automatic boilers

Boilers can be operated with minimum operator attendance

Small and medium capacity boilers can be supplied in a fully containerized option. Easy to use. No boiler room is required.